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In the beginning, there was that spirit of wisdom, prudence, and determination that hovered over the scattered Franco-Americans throughout New England. It didn't take long to rally the enlightened spirits in order to make their dreams a reality. Their dreams of establishing a fraternal benefit society that would satisfy the financial and social needs of its members. In 1900, L'Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste d'Amérique was born.

One hundred years later, we continue doing what we do best as the New England division of Catholic Family Life Insurance, the oldest Catholic fraternal in the nation. We offer financial security as well as cultural, religious, educational, social and philanthropic programs.

As we look back, every generation of members has had to live through successes and failures, changes and disruptions, new demands and new opportunities. Yet, amid all of this, each generation of members has moved forward with determination. It has seized the opportunities to learn and grow in its fraternal work. Each generation remains strong in its conviction of helping others.

Our founders would be proud of what we have accomplished. Proud, too, of what we are doing, now as Catholic Family Life Insurance. We in New England continue to keep the fraternal spirit alive.

About CFLI

As a non-profit, fraternal benefit society, Catholic Family Life Insurance provides security to members through affordable life insurance and annuity plans and long term care. As an added value to membership, fraternal benefits are provided as well as the opportunity to enjoy fun for the entire family through affiliation with a local council. Members of these councils also play an important role within their community in helping many worthy causes and support a wide variety of educational, cultural and religious programs. CFLI's division in New England, Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste, has much to offer to members of the six-state region. In addition to its many programs, it has preserved the French culture, traditions and language. See NER benefits and events for more information. The New England region of CFLI will be celebrating 100 years of fraternalism in 2000 and a number of activities to commemorate the occasion will be sponsored throughout the year