French Major Scholarship

Outstanding Academic Achievement Junior Undergraduate

Rhode Island Scholarship Recipients



$84,000 was available for distribution in 1999 with scholarships being given to 159 undergraduate and graduate students and 40 seminarians. One hundred percent of last year's applicants received scholarships. Scholarships range from $250 to $1,000 and are renewable every year upon written request. Special $1,000 scholarships are awarded for outstanding academic achievement to junior and senior undergraduates, for outstanding volunteerism and to a French major.

How to qualify

Scholarship applicants must be members of Catholic Family Life Insurance for at least one full year at time of application. To become a member, an individual must purchase a life insurance policy through CFLI. These can be bought for as low as $50 a year.

Application Deadline

Scholarship applications become available in January. The deadline for submitting an application is May 1.


Student must attend an accredited college or university on a full-time basis.
Student must request a scholarship application, in writing, or via the website, between January and April, in order to apply for the following academic year.
A written or email request must be submitted each year. The initial application does not automatically entitle a student to receive an application the following academic year.
An application is forwarded to the student for completion once eligibility requirements are met.
Freshmen students must provide SAT scores and a copy of the letter of acceptance from the college or university.
The most current official transcript with school seal and signature of Registrar or other authorized representative must accompany all applications.
Students transferring from one institution to another must provide a copy of the letter of acceptance.
Once the application receives final approval by the Trustees, the student is notified it was accepted. Scholarships are issued before year-end.

Screening Process

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic standing.
Applications are screened by the Board of Educational Assistance who recommend to the Trustees the scholarships or grants to award. This selection committee is a group of college educators and a member of the clergy experienced in evaluating scholarship requirements.
The Trustees meet to review the recommendations and make a final determination.


The SJB Educational Foundation is a separate entity. It is a fraternal benefit of the New England Region of Catholic Family Life Insurance and is not part of the life insurance or annuity contract. This benefit and all other benefits have specific eligibility requirements.